Blockshield is the world’s first decentralised cyber security suite. It’s a bundle of decentralised applications (a.k.a. DAPS) which protects all devices capable of connecting to the internet. It’s implementation is not limited to desktops, laptops, tables and phones; it protects all type of IoT devices too.
The pre-sale starts on January 05 and ends on March 30. You can receive up to a 30% token bonus for purchases during this time period. If you need an exclusive offer please contact us: offers@blockshield.io
Supported payment methods are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and fiat currency. You need to register yourself on www.blockshield.io
Minimum token purchase amount during the token sale is just 100 BST tokens.
Do not send ETH directly from an exchange (e.g. Coinbase/Poloniex) or using the Jaxx wallet. We will not be responsible for ETH sent from an exchange or incompatible wallet.
During the Pre-Sale (until March 30, 2018) you can purchase BST with USD, GPB, EUR, BTC and ETH. During the crowdsale, BST can only be paid for with ETH.
During the token sale, 1 USD will be approximately equal to 10 BST (1 USD ≈ 10 BST).
Initial Coin Offering is a release of any project coupons, or tokens, which can be used later to pay for the services of the site - in the form of a cryptocurrency.
Tokens are sold at a discount. The earlier is the ICO stage, the lower the price.
You can pay with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Wire Transfer, and Fiat Currencies with some limitations.
We recommend the source www.myetherwallet.com to create a personal wallet. You can create a multi-currency wallet. Detailed instructions for creating and replenishing the wallet here.
We recommend to use https://www.blockchain.com/ to create a wallet. Find a thorough instruction to create and replenish a wallet here.
The headquarter is based in U.S.A and we have 1 office in UK
You can earn on the token rate growth and by taking part in special programs: Early Bird Bonus, Cashback Program, Referral Program.
You can participate in the ICO by visiting our website thats www.blockshield.io and then click on buy BST Tokens.
The company is registered in U.S.A
10% of our tokens go to the Bounty program.